Spring Care-a-thon - Every Dollar Matched!

Posted 03.06.24 in Spirit News

There is warmth in the air and clocks are springing ahead, so that must mean the Spring Care-a-thon is here!

As a listener to our station, you know we host a membership drive twice a year (spring and fall) to obtain donations that will help cover six months of operating expenses. From now until we reach our Spring Care-a-thon goal, we pray that you will be able to offer financial support for this mission of evangelization. Learn more about joining the St. Luke Society and the Coffee Cup Club!

Read our Spring Newsletter to stay informed on everything happening at Spirit Catholic Radio.

DID YOU KNOW?: One month of operating the Spirit Catholic Radio Network costs $191,000. Feeling called to support the mission? Your gift of $360 will generate 90 minutes of Catholic programming and actively ensures the Heartland is reclaiming the culture! Spirit Catholic Radio is a fully listener-supported 501(c)(3) Catholic radio station in Omaha, Nebraska. Our 17 network signals (with 2 new ones on the way — indicated in red in the map below) cover 95% of the state of Nebraska as well as portions of surrounding states.

CARE-A-THON: Twice a year (spring and fall) we turn to our listeners to financially help us continue our mission of outreach and evangelization. We ask for donations – of any size – to help with upkeep of our antennas, transmitters, generators, studio equipment, required licensing, daily operations, community awareness, and staff. We try to make these weeks interactive, inspirational, and fun by inviting special guests to join our staff on air. We accept donations throughout the year, and many donors prefer to set up a monthly recurring gift. We are so blessed by your support.


LISTEN LIVE: The bright red button on our website (next to the important DONATE NOW button) that allows you to live stream our signal for free!


PREMIUMS: Think of “premiums” as thank you gifts. When you donate a certain amount, you’ll receive a gift. If you donate $1 a day ($360/yr), you’ll receive our coffee mug, for example. Donate ANY amount during the Spring Care-a-thon and receive three video links of talks by Tim Staples, a Magnificat magazine certificate, and holy card. This year, for those donating $500+, we have a NEW limited-edition stainless steel tumbler to celebrate 25 years of broadcasting!


PIAZZA: You’ll hear our staff reference “the piazza” frequently during Care-a-thon week and may wonder if they are simply mispronouncing “pizza” since we do love our food. Technically, piazza references a common open area in Italy. St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome also has a piazza. At the Spirit Catholic Radio studios, it’s the hallway located near our lobby where we keep track of the donation amounts, how close we are to goal, how many new family members we have, etc. Staff members in the piazza will give regular updates on-air on where these numbers stand.



TRANSMITTER: You may hear us discuss the need for new transmitters as we expand our network and build new towers. While the technology needed to transmit the Good News across the airwaves is not always cheap, it is required. View our Engineer’s web page to see visuals of what these transmitters look like, learn where our towers are located, and just how powerful they are!



THE CHALLENGER CLUB: Issue a one-time “Challenge” pledge for friends, family, coworkers, parish members, etc. to match! A Challenge pledge is a lump sum of $500 or greater, payable within 30 days of the challenge being met. It is also a great way to honor or memorialize a loved one or encourage a specific group in your community to support Spirit Catholic Radio. Click “I’m Interested!” below to connect with Bernie and Wayne.


Bernie Schaefer | Vice-President of Development |855-571-0200 | [email protected]
Wayne Crome |Lincoln & Regional Development Director |855-571-0200 |  [email protected]

BECOME A MEMBER OF THE ST. LUKE SOCIETY: Annual giving of $500 or more gives you entry into the St. Luke Society! In addition to the premiums listed below, members also receive a video link of Dr. Ray Guarendi’s keynote from the 2024 Silver Spirit Celebration Dinner, exclusive offers throughout the year, such as complimentary tickets to events, speaker meet and greets, and much more!

Angel Level – $500+ ($42/month)
Receive all of the above items and NEW this Spring Care-a-thon, a limited-edition stainless steel tumbler to celebrate 25 years of broadcasting!

Archangel Level – $1,000+ ($84/month)
Receive all of the above items, discounted tickets to the 2025 Spirit Celebration Dinner, and a Spirit Catholic Radio polo

Patron Level – $5,000
Receive all of the above items plus a table at the 2025 Spirit Celebration Dinner (February 22, 2025)


A “PERFECT STORM”: You may hear our hosts teasing about wanting a “perfect storm”, and if it actually does happen – God willing – you may also hear multiple staff members running around the studio out of breath as they scurry to help answer phones. This is the nickname we give when each of the 8 phone lines dedicated to taking calls from donors are in use, meaning 8 staff members are taking donations! Here’s a picture of our lovely phones used at Care-a-thon so you can picture what they look like when you hear them ringing off the hook in the background. Call 1-855-571-1027 during the Care-a-thon to hopefully get us to “perfect storm” level!


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