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Why Underwrite Programming on Spirit Catholic Radio?

  • Loyal Audience
  • We reach more than 90 percent of Nebraska’s population as well as Western Iowa and parts of Missouri, Kansas, Wyoming and South Dakota.
  • Our listeners are proven supporters of business sponsors.
  • We reach listeners at home, in-car, online or on their smartphones.
  • Our programming is message oriented–listeners tune in to hear a message, not just background noise.

When your business sponsors the programs on Catholic radio, it creates a point of support between the business and the Christian community. Many Christians desire to do business with others who uphold their belief system. Spirit Catholic Radio strives to promote business sponsors that desire to serve the Catholic community with honesty and integrity. We will work to bridge your announcements which will serve as a vital contact point for reaching out to the Catholic Christian community.

To learn more, contact Director of Underwriting, Mary Jorgensen, at 855-571-0200 or via email.

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