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Wake up with Spirit! Weekdays from 6:45 to 9:00 a.m. we bring you our locally-produced Catholic morning show, Spirit Mornings, with Bruce and Jen. The Spirit Mornings team brings you Catholic news, local news and weather, interviews with local priests that you know, national guests, and so much more. All centered on our aim for YOU to encounter Jesus!

*Weekend Edition Saturday and Sunday from 6:00-6:30 a.m., and Saturday evenings at 5:30 p.m.

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SHOW NOTES - Upcoming Guests on Spirit Mornings
  • Monday, October 25 - Dr. Greg and Lisa Popcak - authors of Parenting Your Kids With Grace and Parenting Your Teens and Tweens with Grace. Hear the Popcak's on  More 2 Life Tuesday - Thursday at 9 a.m. CT on Spirit Catholic Radio - Good Book Club/Dcn. Michael Carney - Luke 10:1-24 - Sr. Faustina - catholic author - Katie Zulanas - Couple to Couple League teaching Natural Family Planning
  • Tuesday, October 26: - Good Book Club/Fr. Bill Cremers - Luke 10:25-37 - Ask-a-Priest/Fr. Andrew Heaslip - ask your question HERE - Dcn. Jim Keating - new book Configured to Christ - Professor Christopher Malloy - author False Mercy
  • Wednesday, October 27: - Good Book Club/Dcn. Fred Abboud - Luke 10:38 – Luke 11:13 - Karlo Broussard - author Purgatory is for Real - Mandy Busch - Alpha course information - Jim Carroll - Spirit Catholic Radio team member
  • Thursday, October 28 - Good Book Club/Dcn. George Butterfield - Luke 11:14-36 - Diane McKee - Abuse and assault advocate - Carl Christensen - HOPE2021 Adoption Conference
  • Friday, October 29: - Good Book Club/Dcn. Jay Reilly - Luke 11:37-54 - Heidi Hess Saxson - The Ave Prayer Book for Catholic Mothers - Mass Prep/Fr. Padraic Stack - hear a summary of this Sunday’s upcoming readings - Cat-e-Quiz'em - call in and WIN prizes!

Bruce McGregor

Spirit Mornings Co-Host Bruce McGregor - Bruce McGregor is co-host of Spirit Mornings, having been with Spirit Catholic Radio since 2004. He said he believes God
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Jen Brown

Spirit Mornings Co-Host Jen Brown -  Jen Brown was born and raised in the metro area. She is a Council Bluffs, Iowa gal and churchgoer (Corpus
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