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Wake up with Spirit! Weekdays from 6:45 to 9:00 a.m. we bring you our locally-produced Catholic morning show, Spirit Mornings, with Bruce and Jen. The Spirit Mornings team brings you Catholic news, local news and weather, interviews with local priests that you know, national guests, and so much more. All centered on our aim for YOU to encounter Jesus!

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Upcoming Guests on Spirit Mornings 

Tuesday, August 9

Good Book Club – Deacon Patrick Simons - Matthew 14:22-36 (Jesus Walks on the Sea; Jesus Heals the Sick in Gennesaret)

What’s New at the Newman Center (UNO)

Ask a Priest – Fr. Jeff Loseke – Submit your question HERE

Michael Hesemann -  Author of “THE POPE AND THE HOLOCAUST: PIUS XII AND THE VATICAN SECRET ARCHIVES” - How Pope Pius XII saved nearly a million Jews during Holocaust.

Wednesday, August 10

Good Book Club -  Sharon Doran - Matthew 15:1-20 (The Tradition of the Elders; Things That Defile a Man)

Deacon Peter Kennedy – Catholicism 2.0 Series

Matthew Pohlman – Seminarian update "Rome to Home"

Valeri McMahon and Maria Pinkerton – Spirit Catholic Radio team members

Thursday, August 11

Good Book Club – Dr. Paul Gondreau - Matthew 15:21-39 (The Canaanite Woman’s Faith; Jesus Heals Many People; Feeding the Four Thousand)

Nebraska Catholic Conference

Karlo Broussard – Catholic Answers speaker and author of a new book “Meeting the Protestant Response”.

Sandy Danik - Director of Nebraska Right to Life

Friday, August 12

Good Book Club – Fr. Loras Grell - Matthew 16:1-12 (The Demand for a Sign; the Leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees)

Sunday Mass Prep – Fr. Bernard Kimminau – hear a summary of Sunday’s reading

Laura Buddenberg – Helping you live as a Pro-Life family

Cat-E-Quiz-‘em - Call in and win prizes!!


Bruce McGregor

Spirit Mornings Co-Host Bruce McGregor - Bruce McGregor is co-host of Spirit Mornings, having been with Spirit Catholic Radio since 2004. He said he believes God
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Spirit Mornings Co-Host Jen Brown -  Jen Brown was born and raised in the metro area. She is a Council Bluffs, Iowa gal and churchgoer (Corpus
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