Prayer Apostolate


At Spirit Catholic Radio, we understand how vital prayer is for the life of each person, the life of an apostolate, and the life of the Church.

Spirit Catholic Radio is blessed to have a group of individuals known as our Prayer Apostolate, who pray for the mission of our radio network. Members of the Apostolate receive one email per month with our special intentions. In return, we pray for members of the Prayer Apostolate each Tuesday in the Chapel of the Word Incarnate in Omaha. Prayer Apostolate members only receive one email per month.


Other great ways to join us in prayer

Prayer for the Mission of Spirit Catholic Radio | Heavenly Father, with grateful hearts we thank you for the apostolate of Spirit Catholic Radio. We ask your continual blessings upon it and its mission of evangelization. We also ask for your special blessings upon all who share in its mission by their temporal and spiritual support. Help us to be witnesses of the love of Jesus in our lives and in its continued presence in our midst. Amen. (Prayer by the late Msgr. Peter F. Dunne, Spiritual Director of Spirit Catholic Radio)

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