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Spirit Catholic Radio is a listener-supported, non-profit radio apostolate. We rely on you–our listeners and friends–to help us meet our mission of evangelization. This radio network would not be the same without you!

There are a number of opportunities available for volunteers throughout the year. If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer or just learning more about the opportunities that exist, fill out the form by clicking the button below or call us at 855-571-0200. You can also check out the latest volunteer opportunities via the Volunteer Portal.


  • Testimonial from a new volunteer:

    “I am a revert after being away from the church for many, many years. I was confirmed at only 8 years old and since I didn’t attend a Catholic school, my education stopped right then. Thanks to Spirit Catholic Radio I have learned SO much about my Catholic faith. I had no idea how ignorant I was. I would like to help prevent others, that weren’t properly catechized, to not be lost for so many years like I was.”

  • On-air interview with long-time volunteer, Joe Means:

Share The Spirit!

As Catholics, we’re called to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with others. This is Spirit Catholic Radio’s mission. We want all people to have a personal encounter with Jesus Christ. We work toward this mission by broadcasting the Gospel message over the radio airwaves, but we also rely on you, our listeners, to help.

If you love Spirit Catholic Radio and would like to help “Share the Spirit,” here are a few ideas to help you get started:

  • Visit our Omaha studio location to pick up tune-in cards (or call us and we’ll mail them to you!) to hand out to friends, family, neighbors or even strangers. Encourage them to listen to Spirit Catholic Radio. Tip: You might even share a program that you think they’d enjoy listening to. You can also request materials, online, here!
  • Leave tune-in cards (see above regarding how to get these cards) at the gym, in a shopping cart, in a bill you’re mailing or another public place. You never know who will see the card and tune in.
  • Pay it forward: Pay for the coffee of the car behind you in line. Be sure to ask the cashier to hand the person behind you a Spirit Catholic Radio tune-in card.
  • Submit a message about Spirit Catholic Radio to your parish bulletin.
  • Place a Spirit Catholic Radio bumper sticker on your vehicle. To get your free bumper sticker, please visit our studio location in Omaha or call 855.571.0200.
  • Display a Spirit Catholic Radio yard sign in your yard. To get your free yard sign, please visit our studio location in Omaha or call 855.571.0200.
  • “Like” Spirit Catholic Radio on Facebook and share the page and its posts with your friends and family. Click here to visit our page.
  • Become a Spirit Catholic Radio volunteer. Fill our our volunteer form here.
  • Pray for the mission of Spirit Catholic Radio daily. You can also join our Prayer Apostolate. The Apostolate prays for the mission of Spirit Catholic Radio and you’ll receive one email per month with special intentions. Email us to be added to the Apostolate.

    “We must therefore make sure that in the hands of the new apostles, the means of social communication, particularly radio and television because of their enormous influence on the masses, become a valuable tool for the evangelization.  In this area, lay people are called to play a most important role.

    Pope Saint John Paul II, Perseverence in Mission, May 1995