Pictures of Thousands Processing in Union

Posted 06.24.21 in Local News, Spirit News


Spirit Catholic Radio was invited again this year to take part in the large annual Corpus Christi procession through East Central Omaha earlier this month. The beautiful procession and sacred music was carried live on the Spirit Catholic Radio Network as well.

Christopher Candela of the host-church, St. Peter, expressed his gratitude for sharing this amazing tradition over the airwaves, but also wanted to share with our listeners about the visual impact the procession provides.

“This procession with Our Lord takes people by surprise every year! For the average bystander, many of whom have either no “image” – or even a negative image – of the Catholic Church, the impact of this “walking-sermon” is immeasurable. We see it each year based on the number of inquiries of all sorts that come in after the procession: about the faith, the Church, etc.

Seeing thousands of people literally walking with Jesus is so unlike any protest, sports gathering, or political parade.”

Enjoy these photos St. Peter shared: