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Feed Your Faith: Benedictine Peace Center Offers Spiritual Enrichment Program on Transformation The Benedictine Sisters of Sacred Heart Monastery’s Peace Center are ready to offer their fourth Spiritual Enrichment Program, focusing on personal transformation and becoming the true self that God calls us to be. If you want to deepen your faith life by connecting with others who share the same desire, please consider joining us one Saturday morning a month, 9:30 to 11:30, from September through April. We welcome interested men and women to gather (by video-conferencing / Zoom) with Sister staff members in our Benedictine Peace Center to share prayer and a facilitated group dialogue about the selected reading. Our focus will include these aspects of living a spiritual life: opening to God’s transforming grace, being at home in the middle of conflict, learning from silence and solitude, finding our true vocation, becoming our true selves, experiencing desolation, finding wisdom while waiting, living in joy and grief, and practicing humility. These are just some of the topics discussed in Jeffrey Tacklind’s book, The Winding Path of Transformation: Finding Yourself between Glory and Humility. As part of this enrichment program you will also be able to schedule a personal silent retreat, with two overnights, at the Peace Center. Register by August 24. For more information see https://yanktonbenedictines.org/spiritual-enrichment-program/. Register or contact us at [email protected] / 605-668-6292.