Decline to Sign - School Choice Under Attack in Nebraska

Posted 07.21.23 in Spirit News

In May, Nebraska’s governor, Jim Pillen, signed into law the “Opportunity Scholarships Act” (LB753), providing educational opportunities for Nebraska families to afford the best education possible for their child. Recently, the Nebraska State Education Association filed a petition to repeal this law. In a “Decline to Sign” effort led by our friends at the Nebraska Catholic Conference, you can prep yourself with the information needed if asked to sign this petition or when speaking with friends and family. Learn more about this effort and LB753 details here  on the Nebraska Catholic Conference website.

What happens if LB753 is repealed?

Plain and simple, Nebraska’s lowest-income and other vulnerable children will continue to lack the financial resources they need to get an education that is best for them. Kids have one shot at their K-12 education, and we need to do everything we can to make that shot count. LB753 is all about keeping Nebraska’s children first. (Nebraska Catholic Conference)

Tom Venzor, Executive Director of the Nebraska Catholic Conference, urges the public to take these steps to help protect parental rights and education choice:

  1. Charitably and respectfully “Decline to Sign” the so-called “Support Our Schools” petition being circulated across the state, and please urge your family and friends to similarly “Decline to Sign.”
  2. Contact the Nebraska Catholic Conference by replying to this e-mail if you want to be a “School Choice Captain” for your parish or school. We are looking for volunteers at the school and parish levels to help distribute information, advocate for kids and families, and protect educational freedom.
  3. Sign up to volunteer for the Keep Kids First campaign to protect the Opportunity Scholarships Act at
  4. Join us in a social media surge! Tell your friends and family to “Decline to Sign” with these cool social media graphics! We even have caption ideas for you.

And, most of all, please commit to praying for the success of school choice in Nebraska. Together, we can lift our voices to the Lord, who especially cares for the poor and vulnerable.

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