Dear Listener: We are Grateful!

Posted 10.05.20 in Spirit News

Where to begin on a summation of another outstanding Care-a-thon complete with support from our awesome supporters?

To date, we have received pledges from nearly 1,800 families and we have heard from over 200 communities in our 15-network coverage area that spans eight different dioceses.

I write this note on the Feast Day of St. Therese of Lisieux (The Little Flower).  Often during the Care-a-thon, you hear our simple prayer – “Little Flower Show your Power in this hour.”  That short plea was brought to our attention by the late Sr. Mary Lucy Astuto who passed away in February of this year.  Sister Lucy was a mainstay voice on many Care-a-thons, bringing laughter, holiness and some Italian bravado to our ‘fun fundraising.’  She loved St. Therese and strived to liver her life in her pattern of the little way.  We always rested on the comfort of knowing St. Therese was interceding on behalf of our efforts when Sr. Mary Lucy was around.  Your partnering with her intercession was evident again last week.

We lost another Spirit Catholic Radio pioneer in August who also loved the hustle and bustle of Care-a-thon.  Jim Taphorn was a longtime board member and supporter who gave much in talent, time and treasure to Spirit Catholic Radio.  When Jim would come on the Care-a-thons to ask for support, he often started with “Dear Listener” as he introduced the many good reasons to assist Catholic radio.  The listeners were truly near and dear to Jim’s heart and that attitude of gratitude was contagious with all of us working the Care-a-thons with Jim.  It was a pleasure to have his son, Fr. Joe Taphorn, join us for a segment during the Care-a-thon to reminisce about his dad’s involvement and love for Catholic radio.

The Care-a-thons continue to be a wonderful celebration of all things Spirit Catholic Radio.  It is truly a blessing to bring the voices of our bishops, priests, and apostolate and ministry leaders on during the week to hear how Catholic radio assists in their efforts to evangelize.  It is also great fun to chase our goal and occasionally be showered by a perfect storm of phone calls in support of the mission.  We make it a Care-a-thon manifesto that each caller is personally thanked on air for their fiscal and prayer support (unless they tell us otherwise).  We are truly grateful to each and every one of you who step out in faith twice a year in support of our efforts.  Through the work of the Holy Spirit as our guide, we plan to steward your gifts well as we work day to day in bringing the Good News across the airwaves.

We are ever so close to $700,000 raised to cover our costs for the next six months of operating expenses.  That amount would be a first ever for a Fall Care-a-thon.  So, tell your friends that we still have a goal to reach and if they missed out it is not too late to send in a pledge and have it matched as well!  That help is just a click away  –

Dear Listener, thank you again for making our on-air Care-a-thon a success!  St. Therese, Sr. Mary Lucy and Jim Taphorn would applaud as well!

Bernie Schaefer
Vice-President of Development
Spirit Catholic Radio