Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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Parish Missionaries

Spirit Catholic Radio is in need of Parish Missionaries to help us spread the GOOD NEWS!

Please help Bring Christ to People by becoming a Spirit Catholic Radio Parish Missionary OR Missionary Assistant.

Duties are as follows:

  • Keeping Spirit Catholic Radio materials stocked and on hand in your parish and delivering any complimentary materials, such as the spirit Catholic Radio Two-Pocket Folders for parish schools. Stocked items include program guides and station bumper stickers or window clings.
  • Be the liaison between your parish and Spirit Catholic Radio for events, such as the Spirit Catholic Radio Sunday, passing our signs and information, submitting bulletin announcements, parish talks involving Spirit Catholic Radio or delivering a Spirit Catholic Radio pulpit announcement as allowed by the pastor.
  • Display posters for Faith Building Events and the Spirit Celebration Dinner.
  • Help to identify events/activities at your parish with nationally known speakers, which might be promoted by Spirit Catholic Radio OR other parish activities, which could be added to our Web calendar.

Click on one of the links below to view a list of parishes covered by Spirit Catholic Radio. Highlighted Parishes are in need of a Parish Missionary.

Also - if your parish is NOT highlighted, your current Parish Missionary MAY need assistants for large projects. These assistants will only be called to help out when needed (approximately once or twice per year).

If you can help, please e-mail us at OR call (402) 571-0200 and leave the following information:
Name, Phone number, Mailing address AND E-mail Address, Parish, City/State, Diocese and Whether your want to lead or assist.

PLEASE NOTE: Spirit Catholic Radio Parish Missionaries must be respectful and have a good relationship with their pastors. They also must get permission from their pastors before displaying any Spirit Catholic Radio materials in their parishes.

Des Moines Diocese

Grand Island Diocese

Lincoln Diocese

Omaha Archdiocese

Sioux Falls Diocese