What The Equality Act Means to Catholics

Posted 03.31.21 in Local News, Spirit News

Tell Senators to Oppose the Equality Act – A Transgender Political Movement

An upcoming vote on the Equality Act has many religious people concerned about the repercussions that could take place if it passes. We have collected helpful resources to help inform and guide.

In a recent article published in the Public Discourse, “Stand Against Unjust Discrimination: Oppose the Equality Act”, Cardinal Timothy Dolan details what parts of this Act go far beyond protecting vulnerable people deserving of dignity, respect, and compassion, actually threatening religious freedom, pro-life initiatives, and long-standing family traditions.

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Bruce and Jen of Spirit Mornings were joined on April 5th by Tom Chapman of the  Iowa Catholic Conference, who speaks on why there is need to take action against the Equality Act.

Jeremy Eckeler of the Nebraska Catholic Conference, will speak with Bruce and Jen on April 7th regarding the Nebraska Department of Education’s proposed health education standards, which include changes to sex education programs. Another member of the Nebraska Catholic Conference will join Spirit Mornings this Thursday to discuss the Equality Act further, and we will update this page with that interview as well.

You can view the Spirit Morning’s guest line-up here.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops offers an example letter that can be sent to your Senator detailing why this Act discriminates against people of faith and faith-based organizations (including charities and schools), requires tax payers to fund abortions, and forcing all to support gender transition.

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Fr. Boquet writes:

“We are being gaslit by the media giants and tech overlords, who are overwhelmingly owned and run by progressives. They want us to believe that we are literally crazy for trusting the evidence of our own eyes, and for following the science of sex and gender. They must not be allowed to get away with this.”