We are Most Thankful for...

Posted 12.07.21 in Spirit News

We are thankful for… Christ, our families, and pizza!

You’re guaranteed a couple of things if you are at our station, Spirit Catholic Radio event, or staff gathering – Christ-like comraderie, memorable conversations, and laughter. We are very grateful to be a part of this mission of helping others encounter Jesus and are passionate about the gifts each of us have that create these encounters. Our staff recently recorded on-air spots briefly highlighting what we are most thankful for this year. Give a listen below – the staff member’s audio is located with their photo. Meet our team HERE.

We pray you experience joy this Advent and Christmas season in your passions and God-given talents!

Jen – co-host spirit mornings

valeri – marketing/pr


jackie – community engagement


bernie – development

wayne – development


jeb – programming


breezy – coordinator

irene – manager


greg – operations

damian – production


mary j – underwriting


bruce – co-host spirit mornings


jim – director

mark – engineering

mary l – administrative