From Our Shepherds

Lucas“I encourage you to tune in to Spirit Catholic Radio where you will find programming that will help deepen an encounter with the risen Jesus.”
George J. Lucas, Archbishop of Omaha


Conley“I enjoy listening to Spirit Catholic Radio in my car when I am on the road. I am continually impressed and inspired by the content of the programs. I always seem to learn something new about our beautiful Catholic faith!”
James D. Conley, Bishop of Lincoln

Hanefeldt“Spirit Catholic Radio is not only teaching and encouraging people throughout the Diocese of Grand Island, it is a regular part of my morning routine, and great company for me while I am on the road.”
Joseph G. Hanefeldt, Bishop of Grand Island

Pates“Catholic radio is a valuable companion which enriches the lifestyle and faith life of the faithful. We are blessed with the quality of its programming and the excellent spirit it generates. I am happy to extend my heartfelt support.”
Richard E. Pates, Bishop of Des Moines

From Our Listeners

“Listening to Spirit Catholic Radio has helped me become more aware of my sin, which has also helped me be more humble and more understanding and open minded about others. God bless you all for the good you are spreading!”
-Spirit Catholic Radio Listener

“From listening to Spirit Catholic Radio, I have learned that being Catholic is joyful and hopeful. I turn on Spirit Catholic Radio and hear joy. Even when not-so-pleasant things are talked about, there is always hope and joy. Not once have I turned on Spirit Catholic Radio to hear shouting and talking down to others…it is always up lifting and joyful!”
-Spirit Catholic Radio Listener

“Spirit Catholic Radio has taught me that Faith isn’t just a word, it’s an action. You get up, take a breath and call on Jesus. From that second on it’s about turning to Him, trusting in Him and giving the good, the bad, everything to Him!”
-Spirit Catholic Radio Listener

“When you have worries, troubles and that goes with life, the Holy Spirit has you turn on Spirit Catholic Radio and there is always a program especially for you and it touches your heart profoundly and you are able to pick up and move on in faith this time!”
-Spirit Catholic Radio Listener

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