Holy is His Name - With Scott Hahn

Posted 01.30.23 in Spirit News

This Lent, Spirit Catholic Radio invites you to participate in the St. Paul Center’s newest Bible study, Holy is His Name.

Watch this FREE video series with Scott Hahn as he traces the meaning of holiness from its origins in Scripture to its appearance in our own lives today. In twelve beautifully produced lessons, this study explores the Scriptural encounters with the Divine – the burning bush, the ark of the covenant, the burning coal, and more! As fear and trembling turns to awe and wonder, you’ll come to a new appreciation of our sharing in the divine life. The Spirit Catholic Radio staff will be participating in this series during Lent right along with you!

In 1 Peter 1:16, we’re reminded of our call to holiness. You shall be holy, for I am holy. But what is holiness? – Scott Hahn

How to Participate:
  • Visit The St. Paul Center’s website via the button below and register for the FREE 12-week video series
  • Through our partnership with The St. Paul Center, Spirit Catholic Radio is able to provide you a 20% discount on the study guide!
    When purchasing the study guide, enter the discount code SPIRIT20 at checkout.

register here


Find a helpful FAQ guide from The St. Paul Center below:

What is the format of this video study?
This is a limited-time, on-demand video study that can be accessed by registering here. This twelve-part series will stream for FREE this Lent
from Ash Wednesday, February 22 through Divine Mercy Sunday, April 16. Two lessons will be released every week and will stream for two weeks and then come down.

What is the schedule for the release and availability of the videos each week? (all times Central)
Lesson 1 – The Genesis of Holiness |
Feb 22, 5 am to Mar 7, 10:59 pm | 28 minutes in length
Lesson 2 – The Holiness Explosion |
Feb 22, 5 am to Mar 7 10:59 pm | 22 minutes in length
Lesson 3 – Holiness in the Kingdom |
Mar 1, 5 am to Mar 14, 10:59 pm | 24 minutes in length
Lesson 4 – Not Wholly Holy |
Mar 1, 5 am to Mar 14, 10:59 pm | 20 minutes in length
Lesson 5 – Holiness in the Prophets |
Mar 8, 5 am to March 21, 10:59 pm | 20 minutes in length
Lesson 6 – Holiness in the Person |
Mar 8, 5 am to Mar 21, 10:59 pm | 21 minutes in length
Lesson 7 – Becoming Holy, Becoming “Gods” |
Mar 15, 5 am to Mar 28, 10:59 pm | 22 minutes in length
Lesson 8 – Body of Holiness |
Mar 15, 5 am to Mar 28, 10:59 pm | 22 minutes in length
Lesson 9 – His Type of Holiness |
Mar 22, 5 am to Apr 4, 10:59 pm | 21 minutes in length
Lesson 10 – Holiness and Priesthood |
Mar 22, 5 am to Apr 4, 10:59 pm | 23 minutes in length
Lesson 11 – Holiness in Hebrews |
Mar 29, 5 am to Apr 16, 10:59 pm | 24 minutes in length
Lesson 12 – Holiness Today |
Mar 29, 5 am to Apr 16, 10:59 pm | 22 minutes in length

If I want to host a group study, what is the recommended session agenda?
Opening prayer, welcome = 5 minutes
Video 1 = 20-28 minutes
Break = 5 minutes
Video 2 = 20-28 minutes
Break = 5 minutes
Discussion questions = 25 minutes
Closing prayer/ announcements = 5 minutes

What if I need more than two weeks to watch the lessons?
If you need more than two weeks to watch the current two lessons, simply create a FREE stpaulcenter.com account. For those who create a free account on our site the lessons won’t
come down during Lent, so you can watch the lessons as many times as you want. To create your free account, go to stpaulcenter.com/my-account and click ‘Create Account.’ If you
already have an account with us, go to my.stpaulcenter.com and login with your email and password. Alternatively, you may login to stpaulcenter.com and click on “My Videos” in the
upper menu. You can access all the videos here throughout Lent.

Do I need the study guide and the book to do the study?
We highly recommend these two companions to get maximum benefit from the study! With the purchase of the Holy is His Name study guide you get access to all the lessons of the
video study beginning Ash Wednesday, February 22 for four months! The full-color study guide will inspire you with its beautiful imagery and life-changing message. Enter more fully into the study with review notes, reflection questions, memory verses and additional Scripture readings.

*Study guides ship out on February 1.

By bundling the study guide with the book “Holy is His Name: the Transforming Power of God’s Holiness in Scripture,” you will not only have four months to watch the videos and save $7.90, but you can have the book in hand within days of your order to begin grounding yourself in the study.

What if I cannot do the study during this limited-time period?
The Free Lenten streaming is a limited-time promotion. We recommend the purchase of the study guide to access the video study for four months. The four months begin upon the date of purchase.

How do I access the videos?
You will receive a weekly email reminder every Tuesday (February 21 through March 28) with the link to the videos and a brief description of each lesson.

Are the videos downloadable?
No, the videos are not downloadable.