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“The words which you transmit reach countless people, some of whom are alone and for whom your word comes as a consoling gift…some of whom never attend church…yet through your service first come to hear the words of salvation.”

These words were spoken by Pope Benedict XVI in a message to Catholic radio broadcasters. As the only Catholic radio station in the listening area, Spirit Catholic Radio takes our role in the New Evangelization very seriously and we are humbled to serve God and the Church.

We know that Catholic radio has the power to transform lives and lead souls to Christ, because we see and hear stories from real listeners almost daily. We know that when people begin listening to Catholic radio, amazing things happen. Faith is strengthened, questions are answered and people are given hope and direction.

We recently heard from one such listener and share their story below.  Of course, we give all the glory for this success to God, and to the support of you, our friends and listeners.  I would like to personally ask you to prayerfully consider making a Fall Care-a-thon gift to Spirit Catholic Radio. Together, we can lead more people to Christ and the saving Truth of the Gospel.

In Christ’s peace,

Jim Carroll
Executive Director
Spirit Catholic Radio

Spirit Catholic Radio Saved My Life: Testimonial from a Listener
“Spirit Catholic Radio has saved my life. I’ve always been a strong person but sometimes that caused me to feel I had to have total control over my life. When I experienced the loss of close loved ones, I realized I really wasn’t in control. I then began to struggle with depression, anxiety…and started living without hope. One day I was just flipping through radio stations in my car and I found this one. I had a peace that first time I listened, so I started to listen more. Through this radio station I saw that God was the one in control and I had to surrender to Him. My life completely changed.”

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Why Catholic Radio?
Because Catholic radio is:
Available – Everyone can listen, especially those with little to no money (no subscription needed!).
Personal – It touches people personally and allows listeners to dialogue with the speaker in the privacy of his/her mind.
Continuous – It’s always available, 24/7, 365 days a year–while working, driving, at
home or even at the gym!
Immediate – Radio programming can come direct to you without intermediary.
Timely – Radio can cover important issues and concerns as they happen.
Efficacious – Radio makes other efforts and programs fruitful.
Cost-effective – Radio costs less than other mediums and reaches more people in less time for less money with less staff.

Catholic radio has proven to be one of the most effective means of evangelization. Because Catholic radio is personal, timely, local and cost-effective, it has become “The Instrument of the New Evangelization.”


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