Tuesday, June 27, 2017
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Ready To Stand is Omaha’s very own pro-life radio show. The show focuses on important cultural topics, particularly as they relate to the dignity and sanctity of human life. Cullen seeks to help listeners develop an understanding of pro-life principles, and will discuss ways in which the Catholic Church can shed light on the most important cultural issues we face today.

Host Cullen Herout
Cullen is a husband, father, writer, and lover of Truth. He has a Mental Health Practitioner License in the state of Nebraska, and has years of experience working with persons struggling with mental illness and addiction. For the past five years, he has also been involved with Rachel's Vineyard ministry for post-abortive men and women, serving as the counselor for their weekend retreats. Cullen has a passion for writing and talking about pro-life issues, Marriage, fatherhood, and building a culture of life. He lives in Nebraska with his wife and two sons.

Audio Archives
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download RTS 9-17-16 Abortion Has Nothing to do with Justice, part 1

13:19 min
download2-11-17 Refugee Programs and the Johnson Amendment

26:45 min
download2-18-17 Why Are Abortion Advocates So Angry

27:11 min
downloadRTS 1-14-17 Defunding Planned Parenthood, and The Left Rediscovers Conscience Rights

25:59 min
downloadRTS 1-21-17 Women March On Washington and Lena Dunham makes a Planned Parenthood Video

25:15 min
downloadRTS 1-28-17 A Tale of Two Marches with Reagan Barklage

27:05 min
downloadRTS 1-7-17 Flaws Render Latest Abortion Study Meaningless

27:26 min
downloadRTS 10-1-16 Mitochondrial Donation and 3-Parent Babies

26:54 min
downloadRTS 10-15-16 Post-Abortion Healing with Kevin Burke

28:10 min
downloadRTS 10-22-16 Religious Liberty Is Quickly Becoming A Thing of the Past

28:16 min
downloadRTS 10-29-16 Considering the Death Penalty with Joe D'Ambrosio and Fr. Neil Kookoothe

28:53 min
downloadRTS 10-8-16 Raising Chaste Catholic Men with Leila Miller

28:54 min
downloadRTS 11-12-16 On the Election, and Being the Light in the Darkness

26:58 min
downloadRTS 11-19-16 What I've Learned From Working With Post-Abortive Women and Men

27:12 min
downloadRTS 11-26-16 No, We Shouldn't Be Angry At Women Who've Had Abortions

27:00 min
downloadRTS 11-5-16 What If We Treated Heaven Like We Treat Sex

27:14 min
downloadRTS 12-10-16 Texas's New Fetal Remains Rules

25:19 min
downloadRTS 12-17-16 How To Begin the Process of Forgiveness

27:05 min
downloadRTS 12-3-16 Assisted Suicide - The Next Cultural Juggernaut Issue

26:23 min
downloadRTS 2-25-17 DC Legalizes Physician-Assisted Suicide and The Barronelle Case with Jim Campbell of ADF

26:14 min
downloadRTS 2-4-17 Authentic Feminism with Timmerie Millington

27:52 min
downloadRTS 3-11-17 Two Oregon Bills with Gayle Atteberry

27:03 min
downloadRTS 3-18-17 Pro-Abortion Logic and the Push for Physician-Assisted Suicide

28:18 min
downloadRTS 3-25-17 Difficulties with Conducting Post-Abortion Research

27:46 min
downloadRTS 3-4-17 Bodily Rights with Josh Brahm

27:36 min
downloadRTS 4-1-17 A NYT Op-ed, David Daleiden, and the documentary HUSH

27:12 min
downloadRTS 4-15-17 Ready to Stand Compilation

27:46 min
downloadRTS 4-22-17 The March for Science and A Christian Abortionist

27:40 min
downloadRTS 4-29-17 The Democrat Party, Bill Nye, and Attacking Free Speech on Campus

25:01 min
downloadRTS 4-8-17 The Mocking of Marriage and the Senate Confirms Neil Gorsuch

27:12 min
downloadRTS 5-13-17 Sidewalk Counseling with Ashley Riddle of Metro Pro-Life Advocates

27:57 min
downloadRTS 5-20-17 Abortion Pill Reversal with Margot Cleveland

28:14 min
downloadRTS 5-27-17 The Future of Euthanasia in the US with Wesley J. Smith

26:34 min
downloadRTS 5-6-17 The Republicans and Planned Parenthood

27:44 min
downloadRTS 6-10-17 More on Primal Loss, and Planned Parenthood is Evil

25:31 min
downloadRTS 6-17-17 The Importance of Fatherhood with Vince DiCaro of CareNet

27:06 min
downloadRTS 6-24-17 Understanding and Arguing Against Utilitarianism with Josh Brahm of ERI

27:31 min
downloadRTS 6-3-17 Primal Loss- The Now-Adult Children of Divorce Speak with Leila Miller

27:48 min
downloadRTS 9-10-16 Intro Show

25:44 min
downloadRTS 9-17-16 Abortion Has Nothing to do with Justice

27:46 min
downloadRTS 9-24-16 The Answer to Suicide Begins in the Family

27:42 min