Wednesday, July 27, 2016
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Thursday, July 28
Fr. William Safranek of St. Bridget in Omaha discusses the anniversary of the birth of Fr. Gerard Manley Hopkins.
Fr. Joseph Sund of St. Vincent de Paul in Omaha.
The Good Book Club with Fr. Glen Wilwerding of St. Patrick in Council Bluffs.
Fr. James Kurzynski, pastor at St. Joseph in Menomonie, Wis. and blogger at the Catholic Astronomer.
Wednesday, July 27
Jesse Romero, Catholic author, evangelist and radio host & speaking at the Christ Our Life Conference in Des Moines.
Keith Jiron, director of the School of Faith, Omaha branch shares about a resent trip to the Holy Land with local teachers.
The Good Book Club with Fr. Steve Thomlison of St. Stephen in Exeter and St. Wenceslaus in Milligan.
Dcn. Pedro Guevara-Mann, producer of the Salt+Light Hour gives a World Youth Day update.
Tuesday, July 26
Ask-a-Priest with Fr. Joe Taphorn of the Archdiocese of Omaha.
Terrific Tuesdays!
Chris Martin, author and blogger, talks about whether or not Pokemon is bringing souls into the Church.
Dr. Anthony Caruso, OBGYN, discusses Natural Family Planning Awareness Week.
The Good Book Club with Fr. James Netusil of St. Francis Borgia in Blair and St. John the Baptist in Ft. Calhoun.
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download07-20-16 Fr. Mike Schmitz - Speaker at The Christ Our Life Conference in DM

17:49 min
download07-20-16 Good Book Club - Luke Chapter 17 Verses 20-37 Dr. John Pepino

20:32 min
download07-20-16 Sr. Renee Mirkes - Ethics Dir. Pope Paul VI Institute

15:23 min
download07-20-16 Tim Mueting - Speaker at Aquanus Forum

10:53 min
download07-21-16 Good Book Club - Luke Chapter 18 Verses 1-17 Will Targy

15:58 min
download07-21-16 Julie DosSantos - Blog

10:49 min
download07-21-16 Maris Bentley - Parents Awareness Workshops Regarding CSE

22:13 min
download07-21-16 Omar Gutierrez - St. Lawrence of Brindisi

17:34 min
download07-22-16 Good Book Club - Luke Chapter 18 Verses 18-30 Fr. Jeremy Hans

18:42 min
download07-22-16 Hayley Wiegand - FOCUS Missionary

10:46 min
download07-22-16 Laura Buddenberg - Teaching our Kids the Skill of Asking for Help

9:36 min
download07-22-16 Mass Prep - Fr. Michael Becker

20:50 min
download07-26-16 Ask a Priest - Fr. Joe Taphorn

19:23 min
download07-26-16 Chris Martin - Author and Blogger for Millennials recent blog about Pokemon

10:51 min
download07-26-16 Dr. Anthony Caruso - OBGYN Talks About NFP

10:26 min
download07-26-16 Good Book Club - Luke Chapter 18 Verses 31-43 Fr. James Netusil

18:36 min
download07-27-16 Dcn. Pedro - from WYD

7:11 min
download07-27-16 Good Book Club - Luke Chapter 19 Verses 1-10 Fr. Steve Tomlison

17:55 min
download07-27-16 Jesse Romero - Spiritual Warfare - Speaker at Christ Our Life 2016

20:07 min
download07-27-16 Kieth Jiron - Dr. Roseanne Williby - Dr. Don Ridder - School of Faith Holy Land Pilgrims

22:29 min