Tuesday, October 25, 2016
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Start your day the Catholic way with Spirit Mornings on Spirit Catholic Radio. Join co-hosts Jen, Bruce and Matt and the entire Spirit Mornings team every weekday morning from 6:40 to 9:00 a.m. CST as this energetic morning show helps you kick-start your day. Spirit Mornings features something fresh and inspiring every day including local priests, guests, music and news.
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download10-24-16 - Catholic News

3:25 min
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Tuesday, October 23
We're LIVE from Kearney Catholic High School in Kearney, Neb.
Monday, October 22
-Patrick Coffin, former host of Catholic Answers Live, joins us. He'll be presenting "Apologetics for Chickens" at our upcoming conference.
-Fr. Paul Hoesing, dean of seminarians at Kenrick-Glennon Seminary in St. Louis, brings us #MercyMonday. He'll discuss the spiritual work of mercy praying for the living and the dead.
-The Good Book Club with Steve Ray of CatholicConvert.com.
-Fr. Gary Lauenstein, author of "The Heart of Holiness" joins us.
Friday, October 21
Sunday Mass prep with Fr. Rob Kroll, Jesuit Superior at Creighton Prep in Omaha.
Archbishop George J. Lucas of the Archdiocese of Omaha joins us to discuss his three pastoral priorities for the next five years.
The Good Book Club with Fr. Dan Andrews of Sacred Heart Parish in Norfolk.
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download10-03-16 - Fr. Frank Pavone - Prayer for an End to Plannned Parenthood

25:29 min
download10-14-16 Dr. Tom Osborne - TeamMates Gala

16:03 min
download10-17-16 - Fr. Philip Bochanski - Courage International

13:46 min
download10-17-16 - Good Book Club - Acts 12 Verses 1-19 Christine French

16:34 min
download10-17-16 - Sally Read - Author and Former Atheist

8:02 min
download10-17-16 - Thomas Wurtz - Varsity Catholic

9:11 min
download10-17-16 Trent Horn - Hard Sayings

21:54 min
download10-18-16 - Fr. John Echert - Ask a Priest

18:06 min
download10-18-16 - Good Book Club - Acts 12 Verses 20-13-12 Sharon Doran

17:04 min
download10-18-16 - Omar Gutierrez - Faithful Citizenship

12:09 min
download10-18-16 Sean Bryan - Papal Ninja

12:20 min
download10-19-16 - Ann Marie Bowen - 40 Days for Life

11:48 min
download10-19-16 - Elizabeth Ficocelli - Bleeding Hands Weeping Stone

10:56 min
download10-19-16 - Fr. Nathan Goebel - Catholic Stuff You Should Know

9:47 min
download10-19-16 - Fr. Neal Hock - GI Diocese Vocations

10:44 min
download10-19-16 - Good Book Club - Acts 13 Verses 13-43 Dcn. George Butterfield

23:51 min
download10-19-16 - Jason Kurth - Mercy Summit CB

7:00 min
download10-20-16 - Good Book Club - Acts 13 Verses 44- 14 1-7 Fr. Johnathan Sorensen

17:14 min
download10-20-16 - Greg Wagner - Outdoor NE

21:47 min
download10-20-16 - Jim Otremba - Communication Skills in Parenting

13:07 min
download10-20-16 - Jocelyn Floyd - Thomas More Society - Gretna For Life

8:50 min
download10-20-16 - Sr. Theresa Aletheia - 5 Signs of a Toxic Faith

10:25 min
download10-21-16 - Archbishop Lucas - 3 Pastoral Priorities for Next 5 Years

26:20 min
download10-21-16 - Good Book Club - Acts 14 Verses 8-23 Fr. Dan Andrews

14:21 min
download10-21-16 - Mass Prep - Fr. Rob Kroll

25:21 min
download10-24-16 - Good Book Club - Acts 14 Verses 24 -15-1-21 Steve Ray

23:13 min
download10-24-16 Fr. Gary Lauenstein - The Heart of Holiness

13:02 min
download10-24-16 Fr. Paul Hoesing - Praying for the Living and the Dead

22:10 min
download10-24-16 Patrick Coffin - CA Conference

14:00 min