Saturday, November 01, 2014
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October 28
Ask-a-Priest ( with Fr. Joe Taphorn of the Archdiocese of Omaha.
Jennifer Dye discusses how she and her husband have benefited from NaproTechnology.
The Good Book Club with Douglas Bushman of the Augustine Institute in Denver.
Steve Ray of gives an update from the Spirit Catholic Radio 15th anniversary pilgrimage.
October 29
Fr. Sean Kilcawley gives a pro-life conference re-cap.
Fr. Loras Grell with part 8 of his series on the Our Father.
The Good Book Club with Fr. Marc Lim, associate pastor at St. Wenceslaus in Omaha.
October 30
Keith Jiron, director of the School of Faith Omaha branch.
Deb Gray from
The Good Book Club with Doug and Sue Barrett, Spirit Catholic Radio volunteers.
Steve Ray of gives an update from the Spirit Catholic Radio 15th anniversary pilgrimage.
October 31 (BOO)
Mass Prep with Fr. Andrew Rosa, Associate Pastor, St. Robert Bellarmine.
Greg Schleppenbach, Executive Director-Nebraska Catholic Conference, talks responsible citizenship.
Good Book Club with Fr. Brendan Kelly, Pastor-St. Wenceslaus parish, Bee, NE
Teacher-St. Gregory the Great Seminary.
Be a winner with Proverd or Fortune Cookie,4 pack of tickets to Mahler’s Resurrection Symphony at the Holland Performing Arts Center
& tickets to Trent Horn. Enjoy a Movie Review!
November 3
Vocations Week
Music Monday with James Berrian of Veritas.
The Good Book Club with Fr. Augustine Wetta, director of chaplaincy at St. Louis Abbey/St. Louis Priory School.
Steve Ray of gives an update from the Spirit Catholic Radio 15th anniversary pilgrimage.
Maria Farrell, director of GriefWork talks about upcoming GriefWork training events.








DownloadNameListen Online Length
download10-23-14 Al Robertson - Duck Commander Faith and Family Bible

22:36 min
download10-23-14 Greg Wagner - Autumn Outdoors in Nebraska

21:31 min
download10-24-14 Laura Buddenberg - Pictures and Sexting

20:24 min
download10-27-14 Good Book Club - James Chapter 1 Verses 12-27 - Fr. Lloyd Gnirk

20:19 min
download10-27-14 Judy Cuzzens - Traveling Monstrance from Serra Club

7:22 min
download10-27-14 Meredith Andrews - The River

25:04 min
download10-27-14 Steve Wolf - Boys Town Pilgrimage

23:20 min
download10-28-14 Good Book Club - James Chapter 2 Verses 1-13 - Douglas Bushman

19:27 min
download10-28-14 Steve Ray - SCR Pilgrimage Update

13:33 min
download10-29-14 Anna Mitchell - Brittany Maynard Prayer Appeal

17:49 min
download10-29-14 Fr. Ryan Lewis - Creighton Same Sex Benefits Reaction

15:47 min
download10-29-14 Fr. Sean Kilcawley - Family and Church

20:11 min
download10-29-14 Good Book Club - James Chapter 2 Verses 14-26 - Fr. Marc Lim

21:05 min
download10-30-14 Deb Gray - Figure By Faith

12:32 min
download10-30-14 Good Book Club - James Chapter 3 - Doug and Sue Barrett

21:09 min
download10-30-14 Keith Jiron - School of Faith Omaha Branch

17:44 min
download10-31-14 Fr. Andrew Roza - Mass Prep

19:44 min
download10-31-14 Good Book Club - James Chapter 4 Verses 1-10 - Fr. Brendan Kelly

22:03 min
download10-31-14 Greg Schleppenbach - Mid Term Elections and Voting

20:57 min