Sunday, December 11, 2016
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download12-09-16 - Catholic News

2:30 min
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Coming Up
Tues., Dec. 6

Heartland Tour: We're live from Pope John XXIII High School in Elgin, Neb.

Wed., Dec. 7
Omar Gutierrez, manager of the Office of Missions and Justice for the Archdiocese of Omaha, discusses St. Ambrose.
Bert Ghezzi, author of Voices of the Saints, discusses December saints.
Good Book Club Kris McGregor.
Dr. Kevin Starr, professor of history at the University of Southern California and director at the Institute for Advanced Catholic Studies, USC, talks about new book "Continental Ambitions: Roman Catholic in North America."
Thurs., Dec. 8
Fr. Edward Looney of the Dioceses of Green Bay, discusses the story of Our Lady of Good Help.
Tom Chapman of the Iowa Catholic Conference, joins us.
Duncan Phillips, drummer for the Newsboys, talks about the God's Not Dead movies.
Gary Michuta discusses his hew book "Hostile Witnesses."
The Good Book Club with Steve Ray of
Fr. Mauritius Wilde, former prior of Christ the King Priory in Schuyler, Neb., discusses the blog post "A Constant Companion."
Fri., Dec. 9
Fr. Robert McTeigue of the Maryland Province of the Society of Jesus, brings us Sunday Mass prep.
Parenting tips with Laura Buddenberg of Boys Town.
The Good Book Club with Fr. Joseph Pins, director of the Office of Vocations for the Diocese of Des Moines.
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download12-05-16 - Bishop James Conley - Catholic Coffeehouse Dec. 11th

17:49 min
download12-05-16 - Dale Ahlquist - G. K. Chesterton and the Coming of Christ

8:34 min
download12-05-16 - Dr. Tim Gray - Peter - Keys to Following Jesus

11:45 min
download12-05-16 - Fr. Tony Cutcher - National Federation of Priests' Council

9:07 min
download12-06-16 - LIVE Good Boook Club - The Penitential Act - Dcn. John Starman

20:17 min
download12-06-16 - LIVE Pope John XXIII Director Rachel Becker - Choir- Carol of the Bells

2:48 min
download12-06-16 - LIVE Pope John XXIII Director Rachel Becker -Band- and Wrap Up

3:24 min
download12-06-16 - LIVE Pope John XXIII 3rd Generation Students -Emiy Mlnarik, Austin, Heather, and Natalie Bauer

9:24 min
download12-06-16 - LIVE Pope John XXIII Alum Taechers and Staff - Mary Bartak Lauren Borer - Sandi Henn Brenda Kuhlman

12:21 min
download12-06-16 - LIVE Pope John XXIII Mrs. Julie Dwyer and the Broadcasting Students - Nicole Payne Marie Meis Noah Knievel

10:17 min
download12-06-16 - LIVE Pope John XXIII President Fr. Vogel and Principal Betty Getzfred

20:39 min
download12-07-16 - Bert Ghezzi - December Saints

15:11 min
download12-07-16 - Dr. Kevin Starr - Continental Ambitions Roman Catholics in North America

10:53 min
download12-07-16 - Good Book Club - Luke 18-9-14 Nehemiah 1-5-7 1 Thessalonians 5-25 - Kris McGregor

22:28 min
download12-07-16 - Omar Guttierez - St. Ambrose

19:25 min
download12-08-16 - Duncan Phillips - Newsboys

11:20 min
download12-08-16 - Fr. Mauritius Wilde - BLOG A Constant Companion

13:49 min
download12-08-16 - Gary Michuta - Book - Hostile Witnesees

8:13 min
download12-08-16 - Good Book Club - Psalm 85 V7 and Baruch 3 V2 - Steve Ray

22:43 min
download12-08-16 - Tom Chapman - Iowa Catholic Conference Update

9:22 min
download12-08-16 Fr. Edward Looney - Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help

14:48 min
download12-09-16 - Fr. Robert McTeigue - Sunday Mass Prep

19:01 min
download12-09-16 - Good Book Club - Penitential Rite Continued - Fr. Joesph Pins

19:28 min
download12-09-16 - Laura Buddenberg - Receiving and Appreciating Gifts

23:12 min