Sunday, October 26, 2014
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October 21
Ask-a-Priest ( with Fr. Joe Taphorn of the Archdiocese of Omaha.
Sisters of Mercy of the Americas join us to talk about their upcoming 150th anniversary Mass.
The Good Book Club with Fr. Jim Golka of St. Pat's in North Platte.
Dr. Alveda King, author and director of African American Outreach with Priests for Life.
October 22
Teresa Monaghen of Pro-Sanctity talks about the Feast of Pope Saint John Paul II.
Fr. Ryan Lewis of St. Thomas More in Omaha discusses "The Church in the News."
The Good Book Club  Dr. Stephen Miletic, Professor of Scripture at Franciscan University of Steubenville.
Fr. Michael Grewe, pastor at St. Patrick in Gretna; vicar general; and executive director of Catholic Cemeteries, discusses an opportunity to inter the cremated remains of loved ones at no cost.
October 23
Greg Wagner of the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission talks about autumn outdoors in Nebraska.
Al Robertson of the "Duck Dynasty" family talks about the Duck Commander Faith and Family Bible.
The Good Book Club with Fr. Glen Wilwerding, pastor at St. Patrick in Council Bluffs.
Rome to Home with Tobias Letak.
October 24
Mass Prep with Fr. Bernard Kimminau, St. Mary's in David City.
Family and parenting tips with Laura Buddenberg Adolecent and Family Spiritualty Office at Boys Town.
Good Book Club with Trent Horn, Staff Apologist, Catholic Answers.
Win Trent Horn tickets with Proverb or Fortune Cookie and enjoy a Movie Review.
October 27
Music Monday with Meredith Andrews, Christian recording artist.
Steve Wolf, chairman for the Fr. Flanagan League Society of Devotion talks about the Boys Town pilgrimage.
The Good Book Club with Fr. Lloyd Gnirk, pastor at St. John the Evangelist in Valley.
Judy Cozzens, vice president of vocations for the USA Council of Serra Intl. talks about the Monstrance for Vocations.








DownloadNameListen Online Length
download10-16-14 Catholic Charities - Frances Holeton and Gwen Inglis-Steinfeld - Domestic Violence Awareness Month

11:46 min
download10-16-14 Fr. Esmon Kelly - Holy Land Pigrimages are Safe

21:14 min
download10-16-14 Good Book Club - Ephesians Chapter 6 Verses 5 - 24 - Sharon Doran

21:51 min
download10-16-14 Veronica Scarisbrick - Beatification of Pope Paul VI

20:12 min
download10-17-14 Dr. Paul Tamisiea - 50th Anniversary of the Serra Mass for Shut-Ins

14:13 min
download10-17-14 Fr. Jeff Lorig - Sunday Mass prep

20:19 min
download10-17-14 Good Book Club - Philippians Chapter 1 Verses 1 - 18 - Steve Ray

21:35 min
download10-20-14 Dan Bremnes - Beautiful

24:47 min
download10-20-14 Fr. Jonathan Morris - The Way of Serenity

20:19 min
download10-20-14 Good Book Club - Philippians Chapter 1 Verse 19 to Chapter 2 Verse 11 - Fr. Loras Grell

22:38 min
download10-21-14 Dr. Alveda King - How Can The Dream Survive

6:57 min
download10-21-14 Fr. Joe Taphorn - Ask A Priest

16:36 min
download10-21-14 Good Book Club - Philippians Chapter 2 Verses 12-30 - Fr. Jim Golka

20:17 min
download10-21-14 Sr. Kay O'Brien Sr. Jeanne Ward - Sisters of Mercy 150th Anniversary

20:33 min
download10-22-14 Fr. Michael Grewe - Catholic Cemeteries

10:47 min
download10-22-14 Fr. Ryan Lewis - Church in the News

14:46 min
download10-22-14 Good Book Club - Philippians Chapter 3 - Deacon Stephen Miletic

18:57 min
download10-22-14 Teresa Monaghen - Saint Pope John Paul II

19:47 min
download10-23-14 Al Robertson - Duck Commander Faith and Family Bible

22:36 min
download10-23-14 Good Book Club - Philippians Chapter 4 - Fr. Glen Wilwerding

20:53 min
download10-23-14 Greg Wagner - Autumn Outdoors in Nebraska

21:31 min
download10-23-14 Rome to Home - Tobias Letak

14:15 min
download10-24-14 Fr. Bernard Kimminau - Sunday Mass Prep

20:30 min
download10-24-14 Good Book Club - James Chapter 1 Verses 1-11 - Trent Horn

22:52 min
download10-24-14 Laura Buddenberg - Pictures and Sexting

20:24 min