Monday, September 26, 2016
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download09-23-16 - Catholic News

2:37 min
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Monday, September 26
Please tune into Spirit Catholic Radio, Monday, Sept. 26 through Friday, Sept. 30 for Fall Care-a-thon.
We'll have fun and guest through out the day and your chance to call in and be a part of the Care-a-thon joy!
Our morning time guests Monday are Teresa Monaghen, Sharon Doran, and Karlo Broussard from Catholic Answers.
Friday, September 23
Mass Prep with Fr. Mark McKercher.
Laura Buddenberg of Boys Town with parenting tips.
Kathy MacInnis Coordinator-Magnificat Worldwide Ministry speaking in SCRN listening area.
Good Book Club with  Dr. John Pepino.
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Thursday, September 22
Don Pecha and Stan Smith of Trail Life USA talk about the program.
Sr. Celeste Wobeter and Kathy Kemler discuss the Hotel/Motel Project from the Coalition on Human Trafficking.
The Good Book Club with Paula Bastian of Spirit Catholic Radio's Witness student program. blog
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download08-17-16 - Jon Leonetti - Christ Our Life Emcee

12:46 min
download09-01-16 - Jimmy Akin - Voters Guide for Serious Catholics

18:32 min
download09-06-16 - Ellen Miller and Marilyn Lane - Cofounders of the Christ Our Life Conference

16:41 min
download09-13-16 - Omar Gutierrez - Response to OWH Catholics for Choice Ad

15:08 min
download09-19-16 - Bob Sullivan - Countering the Culture Event

9:32 min
download09-19-16 - Fr. Andrew Rosa - JPII and YCP

9:16 min
download09-19-16 - Fr. Wade Menezes - Fathers of Mercy

25:01 min
download09-19-16 - Good Book Club - Acts 6 Verses 8 -7 Verses 10 Fr. Ben Holdren

16:38 min
download09-19-16 - Steve Grady and Karen Riesberg - CEC Weekend info

12:34 min
download09-20-16 - Ask a Priest - Fr. Joe Taphorn

17:32 min
download09-20-16 - Good Book Club - Acts 7 Verses 11-34 Sharon Doran

18:17 min
download09-20-16 - Jack Beers - Resisting Happiness

11:34 min
download09-20-16 - Susan Muto - 12 Little Ways to Transform Your Heart

10:31 min
download09-21-16 - Fr. Kizito Okhuoya - Hope Connecting Hearts fundraiser

9:14 min
download09-21-16 - Fr. Toby Letak - Pro-Life Pilgrimage Walk from St. James

6:52 min
download09-21-16 - Good Book Club - Acts 7 Verses 35-50 - Steve Ray Sharon Doran

17:29 min
download09-21-16 - Jonathan Teixeira - New Millennial Adventure at SCRN

10:09 min
download09-21-16 - Russ and Iva Rolling - Help Our Marrage - Retrouvalle

10:21 min
download09-21-16 - Sarah Vabulas - Catholic Drinkies Guide to Homebrewed Evangelism

9:36 min
download09-22-16 - Good Book Club - Acts 7 Verses 51-60 - Paula Bastian

20:29 min
download09-22-16 - Sam Guzman - Blog The Practice of Silence

10:38 min
download09-22-16 - Sr. Celeste and Kathy Kemler Coalition on Human Trafficking - Training for Hotel Workers

21:18 min
download09-22-16 - Stan Smith - Trail Life USA

13:22 min
download09-23-16 - Good Book Club - Acts 8 Verses 1-8 - Dr. John Pepino

19:19 min
download09-23-16 - Kathy MacInnis - Magnificat Worldwide Minisrty

6:05 min
download09-23-16 - Laura Buddenberg - Teaching Kids to Avoid Rumor Spreading

12:18 min
download09-23-16 - Mass Prep - Fr. Mark McKercher

18:37 min