Sunday, April 23, 2017
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download04-21-17 Catholic News

2:25 min
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Coming Up
Monday, April 24
Dominick Albano,  Speaker and Evangelist -The Dynamic Catholic Institute, conversion story.
Ashley McGuire, SCOTUS playground case can end anti-religion, anti-Catholic law.
Beau Iske, Nebraska Director of Events, for That Man is You.
The Good Book Club with Dcn. Ned Willkom.
Randy and Abby Henderson, youth ministry coordinators of Our Lady's Immaculate Heart Church in Ankeny, Iowa, discuss the upcoming retreat they'll be speaking at in Council Bluffs, Iowa.
Friday, April 21
Abbot Michael Liebl of Mount Michael Abbey in Elkhorn, Neb. brings us Sunday Mass prep.
Laura Buddenberg, director of pastoral affairs for Boys Town, offers us parenting tips.
Elizabeth Ficocelli, Catholic author, speaker and radio host, joins us.
The Good Book Club with Fr. Tom Thakadipuram of Corpus Christi Parish in SW Iowa.
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Thursday, April 20
Fr. John Burns, author “Lift Up Your Heart: A 10-Day Personal Retreat with St. Francis de Sales”
Dr. Matthew Bunson, , sheds light on how understanding our history can strengthen our understanding of our faith today.
Greg Wagner of the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission joins us to discuss Spring outdoors in Nebraska.
The Good Book Club with Fr. Don Buhrman of St. Leo Catholic Church in Grand Island, Neb.
Heather King, Children’s Religious Education: Catechesis of the Good Shepherd.
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download04-17-17 Charissa Steffensmeier - Blog

10:12 min
download04-17-17 Good Book Club - Daniel 3 Verses 52-57 - Dr. John Pepino

18:30 min
download04-17-17 Marcus Grodi - Journey Home and Life from Our Land

16:14 min
download04-17-17 Melissa Chang - FOCUS Parish Based Missionary

11:31 min
download04-17-17 R. Scott Hurd - Around the Table

7:01 min
download04-17-17 Teresa Monaghen - The Joyful Mystery of Mary in GI

19:42 min
download04-18-17 Anthony Ryan - Fatima Mysteries Book

12:10 min
download04-18-17 Ask a Priest - Fr. Joe Taphorn

13:27 min
download04-18-17 Dr. Ray Guarendi - From The Dr. Is In

25:54 min
download04-18-17 Good Book Club - Psalm 147 12-20 - Sharon Doran

14:11 min
download04-19-17 Church in the News - Fr. Ryan Lewis

9:43 min
download04-19-17 Consider the Caatechism - Dr. Tim Brennan - Creation of Human Beings

20:25 min
download04-19-17 Fr. Joseph Fessio - The Cardinal Muller Report

11:19 min
download04-19-17 Good Book Club - Psalm 92 - Fr. Jim Golka

39:33 min
download04-19-17 Lisa Scherer - Creighton Prep Spring Rosary Event

8:44 min
download04-20-17 Dr. Matthew Bunson - Catholic History Important

14:03 min
download04-20-17 Fr. John Burns - Lift Up Your Heart

19:23 min
download04-20-17 Good Book Club - Deuteronmy -32 1-12 - Fr. Don Buhrman

17:04 min
download04-20-17 Heather King - Blog

8:32 min
download04-21-17 Elizabeth Ficocelli - Spring - First Sacraments

8:54 min
download04-21-17 Good Book Club - Psalm 8 - Fr. Tom Thakadipuram

18:42 min
download04-21-17 Laura Buddenberg - Kids and Formal events

12:02 min
download04-21-17 Mass Prep - Abbot Michael Liebl

22:03 min