Sunday, May 29, 2016
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Monday, May 30

Spirit Mornings "Best of" (re-play)

Raymond Arroyo, bestselling author and the host of The World Over Live.
Dr. Terrance Nollen, Librarian at St. Gregory the Great Seminary, Seward, NE summer reading ideas for the kids. 
Good Book Club with the Bishop of Diocese of Gallup, NM - James S. Wall.
Larry Livingston with Unbound – Global Outreach
Tony Ryan talks about the re-release of the St. Joan of Arc Movie DVD.
Friday, May 27
Mass Prep with Most Rev. William Dendinger.
Parenting tips with Laura Buddenberg from Boys Town.
Good Book Club with Dcn. Michael Carney.
Win when you CateQuiz'em
Thursday, May 26
Omar Gutierrez of the Archdiocese of Omaha, discusses St. Philip Neri.
Jackie Francois Angel, Catholic Singer/Songwriter, Worship Leader, Speaker at Christ Our Life in DM.
The Good Book Club with Dr. John Pepino of Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary in Denton, Neb.
Fr. Dwight Longenecker joins us.
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download05-23-16 Fr. Michael Voithofer - Holy Spirit

14:58 min
download05-23-16 Good Book Club - Luke Chapter 7 Verses 18-35 - Steve Ray

21:23 min
download05-23-16 Michele Dempsey - Catholic Cemeteries

18:08 min
download05-23-16 Tony Ryan - Joan of Arc

11:56 min
download05-24-16 Anne Pogge - IPF Spiritual Moms

15:15 min
download05-24-16 Ask a Priest - Fr. Joe Taphorn

17:50 min
download05-24-16 Good Book Club - Luke Chapter 7 Verses 36-50 - Karen Dwyer

20:23 min
download05-24-16 Mary Beth Hanus - Helping Men Overcome Pornography Addiction

22:20 min
download05-25-16 LIVE - Madonna School - Diane Cochran - Transition Dir.- Blake Hodgen and Emily Walsh Students

14:57 min
download05-25-16 LIVE - Madonna School - Diane Vaiskunas - PE Teacher and Special Olympics Coach

19:45 min
download05-25-16 LIVE - Madonna School - Peg Carney - Principal

23:19 min
download05-25-16 LIVE Maddonna School -Good Book Club - Luke Chapter 8 Verses 1-15 - Jay Dunlap

21:18 min
download05-26-16 Fr. Dwight Longenecker - Blog

10:58 min
download05-26-16 Good Book Club - Luke Chapter 8 Verses 16-25 - Dr. John Pepino

17:22 min
download05-26-16 Jackie Francois Angel - Catholic Singer Speaker

21:58 min
download05-26-16 Omar Gutierrez - St. Philip Neri

19:44 min
download05-27-16 Good Book Club - Luke Chapter 8 Verses 26-39 Dcn. Michael Carney

22:51 min
download05-27-16 Laura Buddenberg - Teaching Kids and Adults Etiquette During Youth Sports

20:49 min
download05-27-16 Mass Prep - Bishop Emeritus William Dendinger

21:48 min