Monday, January 23, 2017
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download01-23-17 Catholic News

4:33 min
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Coming Up
Monday, Jan. 23
Bai Macfarlane, Upholding the Dignity of Marriage in Light of No-Fault Divorce.
Heidi Hess Saxon, author, shares her conversion story.
The Good Book Club with Bishop Joseph G. Hanefeldt of the Diocese of Grand Island.
Jon Leonetti, emcee for the upcoming Transfigured conference in Chicago.
Friday, Jan. 20
Sunday Mass prep with Fr. Mark McKercher of St. Stephen the Martyr in Omaha.
Parenting tips with Laura Buddenberg of Boys Town.
Ryan Bomberger, pro-life speaker.
The Good Book Club with Fr. Matthew Zimmer of St. John in Prague and Sts. Cyril & Methodius, Plasi.
Play Cat-e-Quiz'em to win prizes!
Thursday, Jan. 19
Greg Schleppenbach, associate director/secretariat of pro-life activities for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, joins us.
Trent Horn, staff apologist for Catholic Answers, discusses "Persuasive Pro-Life: How to Talk About Our Culture's Toughest Issue."
Good Book Club with Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann.
John Soukup with a Lincoln Knights of Columbus Update.
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download01-03-17 - Fr. Sean and Dr. Kevin Kilcawley - Stories of Conversion

22:56 min
download01-17-17 - Ask a Priest - Fr Joe Taphorn

15:38 min
download01-17-17 - Good Book Club - Preface for Eucharistic Prayer - Jessi Kari

18:25 min
download01-17-17 Ginny Czechut - Catholic Charities

8:22 min
download01-17-17 Kris McGregor - St. Anthony

26:14 min
download01-18-17 - Good Book Club - Preface for Eucharistic Prayer II - Fr. Loras Grell

22:16 min
download01-18-17 Fr. James Netusil - Holy Hour for Life

6:13 min
download01-18-17 Fr. Jim Loughran - Week of Prayer for Unity

8:26 min
download01-18-17 Keith Jiron - Consider the Catechism - Faith

22:28 min
download01-18-17 Maureen Ferguson - Vaules of life and Liberty in a Supreme Court Justice

9:39 min
download01-19-17 - Good Book Club - Sanctus - Archbishop Joseph Naumann

16:20 min
download01-19-17 Greg Schleppenbach - National Pro-Life Initiatives

22:44 min
download01-19-17 John Soukup - Nebraska Knights of Columbus

9:23 min
download01-19-17 Trent Horn - Persuasive Pro-Life

15:38 min
download01-20-17 - Good Book Club - Eucharistic Prayer II Thanksgiving and Epiclesis - Fr. Matthew Zimmer

21:33 min
download01-20-17 Laura Buddenberg - Get Along with Siblings

10:56 min
download01-20-17 Mass Prep - Fr. Mark McKercher

23:11 min
download01-20-17 Ryan Bomberger - EPS GLOW Speaker

6:34 min
download01-23-17 - Good Book Club - Institution Narrative and Consecration - Bishop Hanefeldt

17:18 min
download01-23-17 Bai Macfarlane - Mary's Advocates

18:55 min
download01-23-17 Heidi Hess-Saxton - Conversion Story

16:38 min
download01-23-17 Jon Leonetti - Transfigured

6:44 min