Sunday, June 25, 2017
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Planned Giving

We invite you to become a member of the Spirit Catholic Radio Family and help secure the future of the station. Take the lead ... the future of Spirit Catholic Radio depends on listeners like you who share a deep commitment to bringing Christ to people and people to Christ through the programming heard 24/7!

Please contact us by e-mail or by phone (402) 571-0200.

What is Planned Giving?
A number of planned gift vehicles exist for donors to make gifts to a charity over time. Some of these include gifts of bequests, life insurance, remainder trust, and other annuities. Many tax advantages can be gained through these gifts. Please contact the Development Director, Bernie Schaefer, at 402-571-0200. Planned giving allows almost any individual to provide a gift to SPIRIT CATHOLIC RADIO while carrying out his or her own financial goals. Through planned giving, donors may find that they are able to make a generous gift while receiving financial benefits such as increased current income, tax savings, avoidance of capital gains tax, and reduced estate settlement costs.

Spirit Catholic Radio Gifts
Planned giving is a way for you to contribute money to Spirit Catholic Radio while simultaneously realizing some of your estate and financial planning goals.

Individuals who have included Spirit Catholic Radio in their estate plans become members of the Spirit Catholic Radio Family. These gifts vary in size, form and purpose, but each helps to build future financial stability to Spirit Catholic Radio.

To let us know you have included Spirit Catholic Radio in your plans, you may e-mail your information to our Development Director or call Bernie Schaefer at (402) 571-0200.

Qualifying gifts include*:

  • Stock

  • Bequests

  • Life Income Agreements (gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts)

  • Life Insurance

  • Checking Accounts/Savings Accounts/Certificates of Deposit

Members of Spirit Catholic Radio receive special recognition, including:

  • Recognition in our annual report

  • Invitations to special events

  • Archangel level and Patron level donors are invited to an annual appreciation dinner 

  • Remembered in Masses held on the first and third Friday at the Chapel of the Word Incarnate located at the studios

* There are many variations of the planned gifts listed, each unique to the donor. Please contact our Development Manager for personalized information. All information will be kept confidential. Please always consult with your financial and legal advisors when making these decisions.

How Gifts Are Used
Annual support from donors, keeps Spirit Catholic Radio-KVSS operating each year.  A gift through a will or living trust and other planned gifts go an important step further. They provide Spirit Catholic Radio-KVSS long-term financial security, thus ensuring that catholic radio will be provided for generations to come. All planned gifts (including bequests, life income agreements, and gifts of retirement plans), unless otherwise designated, are used for operating expenses or expansion efforts. 

Unrestricted gifts to the Fund provide the most flexibility as to how your gift will be used. We do understand, though, that you may want your gift used in a specific way. Spirit Catholic Radio-KVSS wants to honor your wishes. Our planned giving staff would be pleased to work with you and your advisor(s) to meet your wishes and develop or review any bequest language you desire.