Sunday, June 25, 2017
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Paid Non-Profit Announcements

To GUARANTEE your event makes it on the air, you can choose an affordable, non-profit package.


  • Spirit Catholic Radio requires events to be submitted at least three weeks in advance in order to ensure that air-time/inventory is available. By checking this box, I understand that if my event information is not being submitted three weeks in advance, it may not receive promotion/air time.


  • Please read the above disclaimer.*
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  • Name of Organization Hosting/Sponsoring Event*
  • Name of Event*
  • Event Website (if applicable)
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  • Tell Us About Your Event

    Please provide at least three (and no more than six) typed, descriptive sentences telling us about your event. Be sure to include any who, what, when, where and why information. Also, please include the phonetic spelling of any names that may be difficult to pronounce. Spirit Catholic Radio will use the information you provide to promote your event on the air. This is the way you would like to hear your event mentioned on the air. NOTE: Spirit Catholic Radio reserves the right to edit this information to comply with FCC non-commercial guidelines.

  • Three to six descriptive sentences about your event*


  • Spirit 102.7-FM Area (Omaha, Lincoln, Iowa areas)
  • All Other Areas
  • Before You Click Submit

    Before you click submit, please look over your information for accuracy. Also, please note that you will receive an email confirmation to the email address you provided above, letting you know we received the information. Payment for your selected option is not due at this time. You will be contacted by Spirit Catholic Radio regarding payment and other specific details within three business days.